Guard Your Community
When Every Moment Counts
Guard Those Most Loved
Never Face Tragedy Alone
Get Help Anywhere
Never Be Stranded
Professional Guardians
Someone to check up on Dad
Disaster Relief
Guard Your Life

GUARDIUM powers the first global distributed emergency responder network

4 Billion people live without emergency response services
Guardium and Guardian Circle togther open the emergency response grid to vetted citizens, private response and compatible devices for the very first time.

Providing an economic framework on our global distributed emergency response network; Guardium brings first responders to the 4 billion people on the planet without government sponsored emergency response.

Beyond providing crucial emergency response the platform creates employment opportunities for responders and innovators that integrate with the Guardium ecosystem.




An Application Ecosystem That Already Works

Unlike many other blockchain projects Guardian Circle is an established platform that has been operational for over two years and is in use in over 30 countries.

Guardian Circle's first release was in March 2016 on iOS and Android. In the subsequent two years the application has amassed tens-of-thousands of users.

As of today Guardian Circle is currently available on iOS, Android and Amazon's Alexa ecoystem. Apple Carplay and Android Auto implementations are currently in development with a targeted release date of Q4 2018.

Mark Jeffrey Presents Guardium in Miami

Token Sale

May 3 2018 @ 7:00AM (UTC) - June 1 2018 @ 6:59AM (UTC)
Token Symbol = GDM
100M Tokens Total
30M For Sale
1 GAS = 70 GDM
1 NEO = 200 GDM
*Unsold Tokens To Be Burned
  • 45%
  • 30%
    Token Sale
  • 10%
  • 10%
  • 5%

Guardium is an NEP-5 token built on the NEO ecosystem

Tokens Sold

The Guardium token sale ended June 1st, we're currently calculating tokens to be distributed to presale buyers, bonus distrubtions and burned tokens. Check back soon for a final tabulation of tokens.


February 2016

Guardian Circle launch on iOS & Android

May 3rd 2018

Whitelist Sale Begins

June 1st 2018

Whitelist Sale Ends

June 20th 2018

Distribution of Bonus Tokens

Q3 2018

Beta release of Guardium Protection Contracts

Q4 2018

v1.0 release of Guardium Protection Contracts

Q1 2019

Worldwide Marketing Expansion Begins

Media Coverage

Guardium Team

Mark Jeffrey | Co-Founder & CEO

Mark Jeffrey is a serial entrepreneur and author. Mark has co-founded five internet companies (with three exits) and written eight books, including the Max Quick series (Harper Collins). Three times, Mark has conceptualized and built consumer products that generated millions of registered users in their first year.

Additionally Mark is a prolific public speaker with credits including engagements at TEDx and Harvard. Mark holds a B.S. in Computer Science from the University of New Hampshire and currnetly resides in Los Angeles.

Chris Hayes | Co-Founder & CTO

Chris Hayes is a technologist, advisor, podcaster and serial entrepreneur. Chris' credits include leading engineering teams at aerospace firms, Fortune 500 companies and consumer web platforms.

Chris is responsible for founding ShoutEngine a hugely popular podcast publishing platform as well as building some of the largest podcasts in the automotive vertical.

Chris specializes in building scalable public-facing web platforms and has done so in both his own ventures and for countless consulting clients.

Patrick Takats | Support & Marketing


Peter Diamandis

XPRIZE / Human Longevity / Singularity Univ.

William Mougayar

Token Summit

Crystal Rose-Pierce


Miko Matsumura

Evercoin, Pantera Capital

Ken Brook

MetaX / AdToken

Michael Terpin

CoinAgenda, Transform

Fred Kruegar


Richard Titus

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Ryan Scott

ICO Advisory Group